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We benefit from a healthier and more efficient approach to growth. We stay focused on our goals and cut out unnecessary processes that divert attention away from our vision. 


Eager to help others, attention to detail, consistency, willing to take ownership of issues at the moment they ensue. 


We support differences and celebrate uniqueness. We encourage diverse ideas which lead to innovation and thinking differently. 


This is our driving reason for being. We believe in our brand and each other. We don’t accept “good enough” but instead “what more can we do”. We are proud of our product, our people and who we are, and will strive to always improve. 


To always provide handmade organic products using only the best natural ingredients straight from the source for people of every age, skin type and walks of life while cultivating progress and giving back to the people and land that make it possible 


To inspire the world to seek a more natural and socially responsible way to look after their, and their families’ skin. 


Olivé is made of olive oil and not much else.

That’s why it better be the best olive oil. And the best we’ve ever seen, smelled or tasted was the olive oil we grew up with. Or grew up on, rather. It marked the beginning of every single meal. As soon as the scent of olive oil, onions and garlic filled up the kitchen, everyone knew something special was about to happen. Now, it’s time to pay back all those memories. And time to create some new ones.

See, we’re not your typical family business. Our mothers are daughters of Aleppo who left their home looking for a world of opportunities. We’re cousins who didn’t grow up together, under the same roof or on the same street. Like so many other families, life took each one of us in different directions. And although we’ve been far at times, we’ve always been close - always there for each other. That spirit, that unshakable bond, is what makes Olivé unique – it’s part of who we are.

Our way to honor what connects us, what makes us family, where it all started.  


We want to introduce the world to Aleppo’s precious olive oil. Like reverse alchemists, Aleppo soap-makers have been turning liquid gold into the finest, most nourishing soap for over two millennia.

This is a story that needs to be told, shared and celebrated far and wide.

The best soap you’ve never tried, made from the best olive oil on earth - and we’ll fight anyone who says otherwise… (Ok, maybe just politely agree to disagree.) This is it. Childhood memories, a new legacy and caring for those we love. Turns out, Olivé is made of all this. Olive oil and so much more. 


First of all, because it’s good for your skin and your family’s, from babies to grandparents. Olive oil soap is a natural hand and body wash for those with sensitive or dry skin, eczema, acne and psoriasis.

Also, because olive oil soap is so nourishing, it can help replenish the oils that our skin loses as we get older - it gives skin a smooth complexion, including fewer wrinkles and a healthy glow.

Olive oil is also hypoallergenic, which simply means there’s no need to worry about nasty skin reactions.

Dr. Johnny Mitias, one of our founders, is an orthopaedic surgeon, and he makes sure our products are safe for you as well as and his three children. 

Why specifically Olivé? 

Olivé is made using techniques developed and perfected over the past 6,000 years by unsung craftsmen, right in the heart of Aleppo. From farmers, manufacturers, packers and drivers, Olivé is helping regenerate the local economy and empower a city to rise again. 


Embrace a touch of Aleppo's finest traditions with Olive Soap Company. Experience the difference of skincare that's rooted in heritage, crafted with care, and shared with love.


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